Z&L Machining Services

Services & Pricing 

Once we receive your drum, we start with an inspection to make sure it is a useable core.  We also supply drums for purchase, typically for less than you would pay elsewhere.
The old liner is then machined out in preparation for the new cast iron liner, which is cast at a local foundry.  A proprietary heat/shrink method called the SHRINK FIT METHOD is used along with a bonding agent from Loctite Corporation to create a finished bonded drum liner.

Our other services include media blasting, stud replacement, re-bushing damaged or spun races and fin welding, repair, polishing and painting.

With winter approaching, now would be a good time to get your drums relined.  This way you'll be ready for crusin' in the spring!


    Drum Re-lining (front) and New Races (includes new Bearings)                                   $235.00 per drum
    Drum Re-lining (rear)                                                                                                      $210.00 per drum                    
    Stud Replacement (includes new stud)                                                                          $7.00 per stud
    Media Blasting                                                                                                                $25.00 per drum
    Remove and Install New Races (includes new Bearings)                                              $25.00 inner and outer per drum
    Machine and Install Bushing for Damaged/Spun Races (includes new Bearings)         $90.00 inner or outer/$160.00 both
    Balance Plates                                                                                                                $75.00*

    * $65.00 if re-lining 2 or more drums
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